Friday, 25 March 2011

21: Cola Boy, “7 Ways to Love” (no.8, 1991)

St. Etienne’s short-lived spin-off dance project published “7 Ways to Love” under a pseudonym after deeming it too cheesy to go out under its creators’ chosen name - a judgement that will just have to be a matter between you and your own ears. Personally, I’ve always found “7 Ways to Love” a blast of fresh, summery air amid the relentless, sweaty raving of the early 1990s, with breathy, Cracknell-esque vocals from sometime Steve Wright collaborator Janey Lee Grace, and a crisply perfect xylophone break.

The author is away for the next two weeks; normal service will resume with the Top 20 on or around Wednesday, April 6th. It'll be worth waiting for, I promise.

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