Thursday, 24 March 2011

22: Wax, “Bridge to Your Heart” (no.12, 1987)

From its opening shouts of “1, 2... 1,2, a 1,2,3,4 - hold it - now!,” the one-hit wonder as knowing, self-aware construction, employing synths for girders, chords for struts, and a shout for a horn when a final flourish is required. “Bridge to Your Heart” takes the songwriting project established in the 1970s by Andrew Gold (“Lonely Boy”) and 10CC’s Graham Gouldman into the 1980s, an era of skyscrapers and Godley & Creme videos; it should, in any just world, have featured on the end credits of one or more of that decade’s glossy romcoms. Which is not to mock the considered slickness of its design: I challenge you not to listen with a broad smile on your face, and defy you not to join in with the extended “whoa”s of the chorus.

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