Saturday, 5 March 2011

41: Indeep, “Last Night a DJ Saved My Life” (no.13, 1983)

The glittering phoenix that rose from the ashes of the last days of disco. Never has a bassline sounded so much like a lifeline, rescuing both the singer from her early 80s ennui and - in the decades since - any party that appears to be petering out. Somewhat regrettable that in this TOTP clip, the DJ in question (who sounds on the record like Isaac Hayes) should so strongly resemble Noel Edmonds (“There ain’t a problem that I can’t fix/If you’re looking for a Radio One goody bag, and the chance to meet Smiley Miley”), but I guess it could be worse: when Mariah Carey performed her cover version in the 2001 flop Glitter, she was singing to former Surf Potatoes host Max Beesley (“There ain’t a problem that I can’t fix/If you’re making a rubbish film, and can’t afford Ewan McGregor”).

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