Friday, 11 February 2011

62: Rob Dougan, “Clubbed to Death” (no.24, 2002)

Extended version here. Charted as “that song from The Matrix” (or from one or other of its sequels, if we’re being completely pedantic, which I think by this stage we are), but no-one had batted an eardrum when “Clubbed to Death” first showed up on the soundtrack of the French movie to which it gave its name six years before - which suggests Keanu Reeves kicking several shades of shit in bullet-time was simply culturally catchier than watching Elodie Bouchez being led round the dancefloors of Marseille by Beatrice Dalle. A singular mix of dance-floor operatics and orchestral delicacy, audible in those strings/piano notes (lifted from Elgar and Holst, no less) that somehow manage to survive the relentless maelstrom of crowd-pleasing beats. Dougan, an Australian DJ, went on to give us the best Law & Order theme yet, then retired to run his own vineyard: evidently, a cultured man.

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