Monday, 7 February 2011

66: Rene & Angela, “I’ll Be Good” (no.22, 1985)

Not to be confused with Renee & Renato (“Save Your Love”, no.1, 1982). He was a songwriter for the Jacksons; she was a Stevie Wonder backing singer; together, they worked and played and made sweet music together until their personal relationship hit the skids. (That look Rene gives the stranded Angela as he drives past her on his big 80s chopper may just be telling.) The pair were bigger in the U.S. than they were over here: that “I’ll Be Good” stands as their only hit from their time together probably stems from its rare sense of drama and atmosphere, qualities that somehow survive a video that’s all Bacofoil jackets and ozone-depleting hairspray. (Special mentions for the hexagonal drumset and Rene’s spinning keyboard.) A favourite of Nick Love and Grand Theft Auto programmers, but don’t hold that against it.

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