Sunday, 6 February 2011

67: Bodyrox, “Yeah Yeah [remix]” (no.2, 2006)

We might save the debate about gratuitous nudity in music videos for another occasion. In the meantime, listen to what “Yeah Yeah” - not a Matt Bianco cover, thankfully - does to those synths (“bendy”, my muso friends call it; “downright perverse”, I’m saying), and watch as a mad part-Italian pyro who once worked alongside Donna Air negotiates between snaking cables and milky fluids to insist she could, in some way, re-educate us, then - like myself in any given nightclub - abandons her project of reform to douse the whole place in petrol: disco inferno encore. Wikipedia assures me “this version of the song was used during a breakdancing competition in the 2007 Jamie Kennedy film Kickin’ It Old School”. I have not seen this film. (Nor, I would venture, has anybody else, save perhaps Jamie Kennedy’s parents.)

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