Tuesday, 1 February 2011

72: DeBarge, “Rhythm of the Night” (no.4, 1985)

Oh look, it’s the American Five Star. Written by Diane Warren, and guaranteed to make even a seasoned party-pooper like myself want to hit Miami wearing an appallingly florid shirt of some description, “Rhythm of the Night” exists as a prime slice of 80s synergy: the breakout success from the soundtrack of Motown Films’ The Last Dragon (a.k.a. Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon), a post-Karate Kid martial arts movie starring one-time Prince squeeze Vanity that concerned a teenager attempting to master the special move known as “The Glow” (which makes it sounds awfully like a Ready Brek commercial). Amazingly, The Last Dragon - along, it seems, with every other 1980s movie that made anything more than $10 at the box office - has just been earmarked for a remake starring Samuel L. Jackson and Rihanna. Whatever: just as long as we don’t get the JLS cover version.

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